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Vermeer's New Paintings
American born contemporary painter who works in the manner of Vermeer, many of Vermeer's painting techniques can be found in his paintings

The Essential Vermeer
essential reading for anyone interested in the life  and art of Vermeer

Rembrandt van Rijn: Paintings, Etchings, Drawings and Self Portraits
indepth information about the Dutch Master Rembrandt van Rijn plus hundreds of high resolution images of the artost's work

Vermeers Camera Oscura
documents Vermeer's use of the camera obscura, a precursor of the modern photographic camera

The Rijksmuseum

images of four Vermeers in great detail

Pigments Through the Ages
an excellent site which deals with the chemistry and history of artists' pigments





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How to Paint Your Own Vermeer: A Translation of a Great Master's Painting Materials and Methods for Contemporary Artists
by Jonathan Janson
Feb. 2006

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Which materials and techniques did Johannes Vermeer use to create his masterpieces? Is it still possible to emulate those methods today? Contemporary American painter Jonathan Janson, who has studied Vermeer's painting techniques and experimented with them in his own work for more than twenty-five years, provides in-depth information and practical advice on how to reproduce Vermeer's day-to-day working procedures as closely as possible. Detailed explanations and nimages document each and every step, not only of Vermeer's painting procedures, but also indispensable historical and theoretical background regarding the art and craft of Northern seventeenth-century painters.

Palette, drawing, pigments, brushwork, mediums, glazing, grounds, chiaroscuro, perspective and camera obscura are a just few of the topics which will be thoroughly analyzed as they are gradually encountered during the progress of a hypothetical painting by Vermeer.

Although this book is based on the author's website, 'How to Paint Your Own Vermeer,' it has been completely reedited and greatly expanded in order to offer the most organic and detailed assessment of the Delft master's painting technique available today. The text, with more than 100 pages, will be accompanied by hundreds of high-resolution color images on an accompanying CD ROM.


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